de most fancy takeaway packaging (so far)

couple of weeks back, i got some takeaway from the hand burger. i got myself a stuffed portobello burger which comes with a side, and i chose de chilled stuffed tomato (just realised i chose all things stuffed … hmmm). and being greedy, i also ordered some onion rings to go. 

fancy fancy

when de waiter passed me de takeaway, i was in awe. its friggin fancy. its like i bought some fancy stuff from some retail stores. ha. i am just not used to such packaging (when i do takeaway, de food usually packaged in white styrofoam box). 

stuffed portobello burger (S$8.80)

when i got home, i quickly took everything out of de box (which btw i try to savage and recycle but its mainly made up of paper and it got kinda mushy from de oil from de burger; i cun save de container. save de earth. FAILED). de stuffed portobello mushroom was decent. i loved de bread – nice, chewy and fresh. i am alright with the stuffing, nothing to rave about. 

de (almost) inedible onion rings (S$4.80)

next – onion rings. sad to say – they are almost inedible. i am unsure did i make de mistake of takeaway fried food. i have done this in de past but nothing beats these onion rings. they were drenched in oil. de batter absorb way too much oil thus making every bite very nauseating. i had 3-4 pieces before i gave up (at this point you should know; i DO NOT give up fried food – for me to surrender, it must be bad). 

chilled stuffed tomato rocks! (S$3.80)

de only reason why i can still consume that many pieces of onion rings was de kick-ass chilled stuffed tomato. this is like de best among all. i can eat this forever. its a poached tomato stuffed with coleslaw and dressed with some sesame flavored stuff. this baby was light (yes light despite de sesame) and refreshing. it was truly appreciated after de oil-filled onion rings.


the hand burger
313 @ somerset
+65-6509 6214 
sun-thu – 1130am – 10pm
fri-sat – 1130am – 11pm
note: de raffles city outlet is under renovation. it will be ready in aug 2010

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