everything with fries

last week, i was meeting my friend, b, at joo chiat for dinner. we did not plan where to eat. since i was early, i was given de honorable task of finding a place to eat. b initially suggested korean which i was fine as long as there is bbq involved. however as i was walking to de korean bbq place, i spotted a cute little restaurant called everything with fries.

everything with fries

everything with fries is opened by de people behind awfully chocolate (love love their cakes). its a tiny place, white wall, clean and simple design (i have nothing against restaurants w white wall but they are so hard to maintain. thus i find this place ended looking a bit dirty rather than clean and simple). de menu is rather limited. of course with a name, everything with fries, means they are famous for their fries. each main comes with either a caesar salad or coleslaw, and fries with your choice of flavor and cut (shoestring or straight cut).

de limited menu

both b and i chose de chargrilled beef karubi. however b chose coleslaw, and garlic and herb fries (straight cut) while i got caesar and curry fries (straight cut too). due to some mixed up, b got her food first but de coleslaw became caesar instead. i nipped on de garlic and herb fries while i waited for my food. all i can say, there is zero garlic or herb taste. its just some chicken seasoning or those onion and garlic powder stuff on de fries. and throwing a piece of garlic in de fries does not help at all.

decorating de plate with chilli sauce

finally my food came. de beef karubi was good. v good. looking at de place and de clientele (mainly teenagers and family), i did not have high expectation of de food. though de karubi is a bit salty for my taste, it was cooked to perfection – tender and melt in your mouth. btw there is limited portion served per day so do come early.

chargrilled beef karubi with curry fries (S$18.90)

as for de curry fries, they have a mild curry flavor. throwing in some fried curry leaves did not help much, they just add a bit of crunch to it. overall i was rather disappointed with their fries. its just your normal pack of fries and throw in some seasoning. if that is the case, i rather they focus on dipping sauce rather than flavored fries.

de sickly sweet nutella tart (S$4.90) with vanilla ice cream (S$1.80)

we also ordered a nutella tart to share.  its bloody rich. its dripping in sauce. and its sickly sweet. de tart has a mild hint of nutella and i quite like de crust which is mainly made up of oreos and chocolate. thank goodness, we also asked for a scoop of vanilla ice cream (and cups of latte) which helped to offset de sweetness and richness of de tart. i am quite surprised by this dessert – especially when de people behind this place are famous for their chocolate cakes (and they only sell chocolate cake) – because no way anyone can finish this tart by themselves.

everything with fries
458 joo Chiat Road
+65- 6345 5034
tue – sun, 12pm – 1opm
40 lorong mambong (holland village)
tue-thu, sun, 12pm – 11pm
fri-sat, 12pm – 1am

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