i really do not do well with korean food

i am not talking about de food you get in food court – de hotplate beef or chicken or de kimchi tofu soup – those i can eat. i was introduced to hyang-to-gol by my friend, L, which is supposedly de authentic korean food in singapore. seeing de numbers of koreans in de restaurant, i would reckon so. however if this is really truly authentic korean food, i really dun think i like it v much.


first, we got an array of banchan – side dishes – i think we got about 10 dishes. these banchan varies daily. de ones that we got were alright for me. they are not de best that i have. de kimchi, potato salad and preserved spinach were good for me.

bbq time!

thank god for vegetable!

de next dish we got was de bbq marinated short rib. i quite enjoyed this dish. however i would have enjoyed more if i am de one who did de barbecue-ing. de thing about hyang-to-gol is de waitress loves to cook your food. this resulted in overcooked meat. thus i find de beef ended up tough and chewy, and de marinate is too salty for me (it was fine for L). de reason why i still enjoyed it was de accompanying leaf which i used to wrap de leaf. de leaf adds a refreshing touch to de overcooked meat.

yummy rice cake

de next dish we ordered was L’s favourite rice cake. it was good. even though it was abit too spicy for me, i love de rice cake – they are chewy, al-dente. they have de perfect texture and definitely not overcooked (as compared to de beef).

de smelliest soup ever

L also introduced me to her favourite soup – seafood fermented bean soup. ITS A KILLER!!! i meant it in a bad way. this cannot be compared to taiwan smelly beancurd. it made de latter pale in comparison. in my terms, de soup is inedible. i really tried to drink more of it and hoping de taste (and smell) will grow onto me. no no no. nothing works for me (FYI L took my share of de soup).

my favourite seafood pancake

de last dish we had was my request – seafood pancake. i love korean seafood pancake. de one hyang-to-gol served is HUGE. it was way too much for two people who just de above list of food. that being said, i still managed to finish a slice and a half. and it was favourite dish of de night.

some sort of desserts

one thing you need to know about hyang-to-gol – they served desserts – sort of. i am not sure if they do that in korea but over here you get a cup of cold super sweet red date water and pieces of fruits.

drinking beer

i really do not want to dismiss korean food just like that. especially hyang-to-gol – where people i know who went there, and liked de place. i went back to hyang-to-gol for my birthday celebration. results? despite de beer, i am still not a happy camper. of course this time i enjoyed de soup ALOT more but i will not be drawn to come back. unless i have a huge craving for seafood pancake and rice cake, de chances of me going back to hyang-to-gol is small. tiny.

165 tanjong pagar road
2nd floor amara hotel
open daily – 11.30am–3pm, 6pm–10.30pm

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