an almost perfect experience

it is not often that i find a  nice place to eat and keep wanting to go back. ootoya is de rare find. and because of ootoya, i will find myself in singapore most useless mall – orchard central.

scallop rice and tofu and chicken soup set

located on de eighth floor of de mall, ootoya hailed all de way from japan and specialises in set meals. each set meal consists of a main (protein), appetiser, soup and rice. and for de rice, you get to choose plain, seaweed, grated daikon or some ikan billis lookalike fish. what i really love about ootoya is de free flow green tea – its not just any green tea, its genmai cha! yummy.

yummy scallop rice

during chinese new year, kat and i went over to ootoya for de first time. i ordered a scallop rice and tofu and chicken soup set. from de menu picture, i expected the soup to be light. but i was wrong. de soup was gooey. still its decent. however de scallop rice is a different story. i was rather prepared that de scallop would turn out to be rubbery and chewy. i was so so wrong. it has a nice bite, de miso sauce was great. everything just go every well together

pork katsu

kat had de pork katsu which i think she quite enjoy. i hope.


after dinner we got ourselves dessert – green tea mousse and caramel pudding. de green tea mousse was nice and rich and full of matcha flavor. while de caramel pudding was pretty good too though de burnt soy sauce takes awhile to get use to.


a couple of weeks later, i went back to ootoya with a bunch of ex-colleagues. this time round i ordered de mackeral which was sweet and fatty. gosh its juicy. and also i chose to add seaweed onto my rice. its v v good

fried chicken!

de most fattening meal in ootoya

m got herself chicken katsu which looks pretty good. while de rest of gang got themselves de hamburger set which look damn good. we were in a v selfish mood where we did not share each other food. we just kept to ourselves. ha.

its ice cream time

after dinner, we all ordered de same dessert – match ice cream! de flavor was wonderful – rich and simply awesome.

another wonderful meal at ootoya

de same week, i went back to ootoya again! i have an hour for lunch before my appointment. this time round i ordered de grilled chicken with leek. de leeks was rather sad but de grilled chicken was really awesome. de grilled flavor really come through and de chicken skin is yummy. and de grilled daikon was great too. its nice and juicy.

i also ordered a matcha parfait. however i waited and waited and it did not come through. as i was going to be late for my appointment, i have to cancel my order.

the problem i have with ootoya is their service. its not consistent. and de funniest thing is that i find their service is worst when there is hardly anyone in the restaurant. i have to signal them to get me a refill for my tea. i waited more than 15 mins for dessert before i cancel it.

i will definitely go back to ootoya for its wonderful food (oohh btw did i mention there is calories count for each meal you order – so if you are on a diet, you know what to avoid). and not to mention the reasonable price. so far, on an average, i spent about S$25 for a set meal and dessert which is pretty good. i just hope de service will improve over time.

181 orchard road
#08-12 orchard central
+65-68848901 (dun bother to call and make reservation, they dun do reservation)

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