a sort of pay-it-forward project

i have been thinking about this project for quite awhile. its not de first time i heard or seen it action. well sorta (it was w different stuff but de rules are de same).

and i have been sitting on it for de longest time until recently. for de past couple of years, i have exchanging packages with friends that i met via de internet. we do not tell each other when we are sending de packages – we just do it. and de most amazing thing is that de packages always turn out at de right time – aka when we are feeling super down or super happy.

so this is what you need to know about this project:

1) i will send off THREE packages to the first THREE comments to this entry

2) i will send off these packages within a year (7 mar 2010 – 6 mar 2011)

3) i expect the THREE people who received de packages to do de same alas pay-it-forward to de next THREE people

4) to participate, you need to have a sustainable blog (you have been writing for at least de past 6 months), a valid email and home address. ohhh de reason why de sustainable blog – you will need to pay-it-forward via your blog (no flickr, no mass email, just via your blog). this means you, de possible receiver of de package needs to write a blog entry and offer de same deal – three packages to de first three comments of de entry.

5) as for de content of de package, since this is an all-about-food page, all items in need to be food related. yes food related.

christmas cookie from hungary

ok and this is my own personal rule – purely out selfish reason of cheap thrill – this project is not open to residents of singapore. yes sorry people. i like or rather love de idea of both sending and receiving packages from overseas. first you look at de packaging, then de stamp. then like some friggin kid who is high on sugar or getting a pressie for de first time, you rip open de box and see de things that you have never seen before. AHHHhhhhhh. i rest my case.

i doing this not as some form of social experiment or create some form of charitable movement. i doing this – seriously – out of cheap thrill. this is what my friend abh and i called it – 7 seconds of happiness. that 7 seconds of happiness is just pure bliss. no disappointment. no worrying de end is near. just 7 seconds of bliss. i think everyone should have de chance to experience this 7 seconds of happiness.


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