my name is oink and i am a shopaholic

like most girls, i love shopping. i am not guilty or shameful about it. i really do enjoy shopping. shopping for me is not just restricted to clothes, shoes and bags. i extend it to food shopping (i love supermarket!) and kitchenware.

oddity rocks (picture taken from the spoon sisters)

i recently discovered this website called the spoon sisters (via serious eats). gosh i am in love w this site. its a great place to get quirky yet useful gifts from friend. and you know what? they do international shipping!

no more excuse for screwing up a pinch (picture taken from the spoon sisters)

one of de things that i really want to get and think i need is de odd size measuring spoon. seriously how am i supposed to measure 2/3 teaspoon? to accompany it, i also quite fancy de dash, pinch, smidgen measuring spoon. now we can have a standardised measurement of dash, pinch and smidgen!

hello birdy (picture taken from the spoon sisters)

next item i wanna get yet i dun think i can afford it is de bird measuring spoon. i loveeee de design yet i think i so do not need them (realise de alot of “think” kekkeek). its so cute and whimsical. i already invested in a good set of cuisipro measuring tools. yet yet i so want them.

shallow cuteness (picture taken from anya hindmarch)

however there is something that i have eyed for de longest and made my friend hunt high and low for me. and silly me for not realising anya hindmarch does international shipping! and pound is favorable to me! double yeah! and i got myself a dairy tote. yes. i was drawn to de bottle of milk and de tray of eggs. yes i am that shallow.


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