de oink cafe guide to … bangkok! its de last day

k and i have a couple of hours to kill before our flight home. we slept in a little and check ourselves out of de hotel. btw we were supposed to go for our second round of massage. BUT we so ran out of time to shop. thus we decided to screw de massage and head to de shops!!

still in de christmas spirit

we headed off to siam square area to pick out where we left off de previous day. for brunch, we went for one of my old favorites – mk steamboat.

there is only one choice of soup – chicken. some of you might be expecting tom yum flavor to be available. however i came to realise that thai do not really use tom yum in steamboat. they rather have it as a proper dinner/ lunch soup with all de necessary ingredients cooked in it.

its time to cook you all!

we ordered a variety of food – beef, tofu, vegetables, chicken, noodles and so on. de last round we tried mk was at mk gold, siam paragon. de selection of ingredients is better at de latter. and also de ambience (and of course de price is higher too hence de “gold” word).


i was told de roast pork was good thus i asked K to try. i think she is alright with them.

cute tissue box

ohhh one thing about mk, i think at every hour, de waiters and waitresses will break into a dance or some sort of jiggles which is hilarious. i did not take a video of it but if you google, i think you will be able to find one. and another thing i love about mk. cute tissue box.ha.

i love steamboat!

in short i do not mind mk. its reasonably priced and will definitely keep your tummy happy. however if you do have a bit of money to spend, go for mk gold. de selection of food is better. and to be honest, it is not that expensive to eat at mk gold. so go for it.

both mk and mk gold can be found most parts of bangkok and thailand too. for mk, i have visited de ones at central world and mbk while for mk gold, i tried de one at siam paragon.

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