this is NOT a product endorsement

when it comes to brekkie, i rarely had cereal. i am very picky w my cereal. i do not like dried fruits inside as they tend to stuck in between my teeth and also they made de cereal really sweet. most of de time, de smell and taste from de fruits overpowered de cereal/ museli.

at de same time, i do not like my cereal sweet. i like it grainy, earthy – think museli, conflake; yet i still want them with a hint of flavor (see i told you i am picky).

when i was in marks and spencer, i chanced upon their deliciously nutty crunch – which is basically oat clutters with a variety of nuts. i love de toffee flavor that was added inside. and de nuts definitely add some crunch into this baby. and with de cold milk, gosh brekkie is goooood.

de cereal is available at all marks and spencer stores islandwide (i think). i got mine from wheelock place.

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