hot and steamy dinners

chinese new year is de time where we stuffed our faces with reunion dinners (and lunches) and snacks! this year is going to be different for me as my aunty and my cousin and their families are coming to visit us. in addition, my mum has invited my cousins (mum side) over for reunion dinner too. this means we will have about 40 people in de house.

de dinner crowd

as per tradition, we had steamboat!! it beats cooking individual dishes but i will not say its de easiest thing to do. we have to cook de broth overnight. my mum had to cut and season all de ingredients – chicken, pork, fish, squid, prawn and vegetables (tang oh!!). and this year, to add to de madness, she decided to make yong tau foo too.

yeah my turn to eat!

to accomodate such a big group and with our small dining table, we all have to take turns to eat. i am on round three. i was dying of hunger but i wanted to wait. de beauty of steamboat is to be last to eat. de soup is hot enough and most importantly, de soup is also damn tasty!!

yes its steamboat again

de next day, my aunty and my cousin came to our house for dinner. and guess what we have? steamboat!! kekekeke. despite de bloody hot weather we get over de new year, we still hoovered around de hotpot and eat up.

yummy tahu goreng

as its de first day of chinese new year, it also means that my dad turned vegetarian for de day. my mum made him a tahu goreng – fried tofu with vegetable served w plum sauce and chilli sauce and crashed peanuts.

i can never figure out why during chinese new year, we must have steamboat. yet on de other hand i cannot imagine chinese new year dinner without steamboat. guess hot and steamy is de way to go!


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