this is a really bad time to start a diet

chinese new year is very unlike de new year you get on 1 jan. you get 15 days of feasting. in addition to that, there are goodies. lots of goodies. everywhere you go, every house you visit. and of course, in your own home too!

here are some that i really love and one that i have not much love for.

hae bee hiam rolls

hae bee hiam rolls aka prawn rolls. my late (paternal) small (my grandpa has 2 wives) grandma used to make these. i remembered them as overstuffed w hae bee hiam and way too spicy for me. i quite like this version. i got these from teck sang. and they are really cheap too – $6 for 500g. for a mass produce, its really fresh (no “used” oil smell) and de hae bee hiam has de right amount of spice.

mummy pineapple tart rocks!

i didnt use to like pineapple tart. de truth is i dun like de fruit thus anything that has it kinda turn me off. however i like my mummy version. de tart itself is not too crumbly yet buttery. de pineapple filling is tarty sweet. thus its safe to say, i will only like de pineapple tarts that my mummy made.

cookies that melt in your mouth

i lovvvveeee kueh bangkit. what is not to love about this coconut cookie. its melts in your mouth and so easy to eat. we got these from a vegetarian shop near our home. not de best version that i had (abit hard) but its good enough.

cashew nuts

one thing my family is quite obsessed about is cashew nuts. i dun know when and how. but we really love cashew nuts. we bought de raw ones from hock hua and we shallow fried them. one thing about “homemade” cashew nuts – it tastes fresh and its properly dried out (thus no oiliness).

cornflake cookies

this year i made a trip down to takashimaya chinese new year fair to see what’s new. my friend K aka qmo introduce me to fancy delight. fancy delight is a local confectionary famous for their extraordinary flavored egg tarts. i was quite surprised that they sell new year goodies too. i know my boss was looking for cornflake cookies and de ones from fancy delight are not too bad. it not too buttery and retaining de cornflake taste.

no love for these babies

ok now come to de goodie that i never get de hang of liking it – love letters. every year, without fail, we will always get love letters. and also without fail, you will find them in every houses you visit. i seriously not a big fan of love letter. its messy to eat, eggy and nothing about blows my mind. and yes, now my house is stuck w BIG jar of them.

and we still have so much more goodies

and now we are on de fourth day of lunar new year, and my house is still loaded with these goodies. seriously diet will never work. ever.

teck sang
11 hong kong street
+65 65331133
(sorry i dun know their opening hours, you just have to give them a call)
fancy delight
they have 3 outlets around singapore – imm, city square mall and tanjong pagar plaza

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