who wants breakfast for dinner?


i love breakfast food especially western brekkie – scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese and pancake. ohhh toast toast. de full works. i can have it anytime of de day. and its only time i will eat egg. to be honest, i am not a big fan of egg. i dun fancy eggs. i only eat eggs if they are in cakes, muffins and so on, scrambled (milk must be added inside) or mixed with other ingredients like tomatoes, chai po, mushroom, cheese … you get de picture.

wild honey

i was rather happy when wild honey was opened. a small cafe at de mandarin gallery which open from day to night, serving world’s brekkie all day long! how cool is that.

i like de decor of de place. cute, retro and yet modern. de boss was nice and friendly. however i am not too sure i like de ordering system – we have to go to de counter to order de food. fyi you still need to pay service charge.  seriously dun skimp on de menu; not everyone can read from de chalk board and it choked up de queue.

i ordered an italian brekkie which is basically an open faced frittata with rocket, tomato, fontina cheese, served with toast while my friend L got herself a european brekkie aka eggs benedict with field mushrooms and prosciutto. L was bumped that “i love ny” was not on de menu, she sweared that de bagel is too die-for. we also order a canadian brekkie – pancakes with wild forrest berries, compote and crisp bacon to share. ohhh we also ordered queen b which is like soda like drink w elderflower and raspberries i think.

queen b

we got our drinks first. i am alright w de drink. nothing that i will scream. its jus a drink.

my italian brekkie

next we got our brekkies!!!  my frittata was alright. i find it a bit salty due to cheese. but de cheese adds flavor and make de egg less eggy taste. de toast was pretty good; though its thick but its nice and chewy. i didnt try L’s egg benedict as it has prosciutto. L finds it pretty ok. in short we find de brekkie ok, nothing to scream about.

de european brekkie

after our eggs, we went on to our dessert -pancake. (note: at this point i was full. not v full but full. personally de portion at wild honey is NOT huge at all. its good enough for me. however for my friend L, it was small. ha.) de first taste of de pancake – i dun like it. its not like your usual pancake. its more eggy. L likes it. however after a few bites, de taste grows onto me. most importantly, it does not have the baking soda taste which most pancakes have. that being said, i still adore bill‘s ricotta pancake (had it once and its forever stuck in my brain).

i am sad

despite its so-so brekkie and horrifying service (fyi service is terrible there. when we asked for 2 small plates, de waiter snoots at us. SNOOT! and they take 10 minutes to turnaround!) (ohh forgot to add, its not exactly cheap, its like S$18 for each brekkie we got and drink is like S$9 each), i will still go back to try de rest of de brekkie (especially i love ny). and i love brekkie food too much not to go back. and i can have brekkie for dinner!!! tell me what is not to love about that!

wild honey
level 3, mandarin gallery,
orchard road
+65 62353900
930am – 930pm (no reservations allowed; first come first serve basis)

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