de oink cafe guide to … bangkok! when in thailand, try to eat like de thais

or not really. ha

throughout our 4 days in bangkok, we only managed to eat once thai dishes that are familiar to singaporean. as we were walking along siam square, i stumbled upon a thai restaurant which i visited de last time i was in bangkok. it is supposedly a family restaurant that is popular among de locals and tourist.

ban khun mae is a two-storey thai restaurant, w open counters displaying their salads and desserts. if you are afraid to eat roadside food or from open food stall, this place is de next best choice for some thai food.

despite de fact that there is only 2 of us, we ordered alot of food. as i said, food in bangkok is affordable and accessible. you will not starve in bangkok.

best salad i ever had!

first stop, a salad for me. once again, i cannot remember de name of de salad. de moment i saw de menu, i know i needed this. i tried several version of this salad before. this i have to say is one of de best! its basically wrapping dried shrimp, mango, onion/shallot, crispy rice, lime, chilli and mango sauce in kale leave. its great! you must put de lime. it really enhances de flavor of de salad.

good old creamy curry

we also ordered a green curry chicken. it turned out surprisingly good. it was creamy, sweet and non-spicy. we were drinking de curry like its a cream soup.

pad thai

de pad thai (rice noodles with seafood, stirred fried with fish sauce and tomato sauce) was alright. K finds it too tough while i find it too ketchup-ish.

de weirdly addictive fried chicken

i ordered a fried chicken marinated with salt. gosh de meat is tough. but yet addictive. ha. i know it sounds contradictory but its true. de chicken is crispy and salty and it just makes you wanna keep eating. it will be great if i had beer. de combi will be perfect.

pork on de left

K had a charcoal grilled honey pork. she loves it. in her words, de meat is tender and de “charcoal taste” really went through.

red ruby

we end de meal by sharing a red ruby. it was heaven to K but it was v sweet for me. but i like de chestnut. its fresh and crunchy.  ohhh before i forget, when you are at ban khun mae, do try their lemongrass drink. its yummy, sweet and refeshing.

there are still quite alot of dishes that i wanna try at ban khun mae. if i ever go back bangkok, i will definitely try to eat there again.

 ban khun mae
458/6-9 siam square soi 8, rama 1 road,
patumwan district, bangkok
+66-2-25019523, +66-2-65841123
(via BTS, stop at siam. its near novotel siam) 

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