de oink cafe guide to … bangkok! up, up and away!!

since its my dear friend K birthday, i decided to buy her  a meal at somewhere nice. one thing i love about bangkok is that you can go to a really posh place and de food is still affordable (its not cheap but reasonable).

check out de view

and of course i decided to bring my “height-challenged” friend to taihei, banyan tree for dinner. and 53 floor up to be exact.

free food!

appetizers compliment of de chef – tempura gingko nut, seaweed and something that i forgot de name which looks like brain mass ;p

we order a seafood teppanyaki set to share w lotsa of stuff.

de salad

de salad is pretty good. fresh, crunchy. jus normal good salad (i do not know what is de name of de salad as it comes with de teppanyaki set)

ebi tempura

next dish – ebi tempura. batter is light and no alkaline taste. de prawn is pretty fresh too. its good but not unforgettable.

yummmy butter fish

i love de miso butter fish! almost my favorite dish of de night. de fish has charred taste and its ohhh so sweet. yummy.

de plain weird tamagoyaki sushi

cun remember why we ordered tamagoyaki sushi. taihei version is just not right. de egg is not sweet and its just plain. its just plain weird.

chicken yakitori

chicken yakitori is up next. once again, decent yakitori. well seasoned. just alright.

ohhh how i love you vegetables!

finally our teppanyaki arrived. de set consists of squid, salmon, prawn and vegetables. de squid is pretty good. at least better than last night squid at sornthong. de salmon was overcooked. thus i find it a bit tough. de prawn is nice and juicy (i think thailand got really good prawns!). BUT my favorite got to be de vegetables. its coated with BUTTER. good seasoning and lots of butter make vegetables taste ohhh so good.

garlic rice

and of course not forgetting de garlic rice that comes w de set. K dun really like it as it tasteless. i rather quite like it that way. it just brings up de garlic flavor. well on de other hand, i love garlic.


lastly, we ended de meal w a scoop of orange-yuzu ice cream. once again its too sourish for K and just lovely for me. i think its a good palette cleanser. i love all things citrus

thanks amnrat

de truth is de meal at taihei dun exactly blow my mind. i v much doubt i will go back there again. there is no one dish that i crave for. however i have to give them de credit for fantastic service especially this dude named amnrat. he is just great – try to speak to us in mandarin, offered to take our pictures. and he even make us walk through de different restaurants and insists we take a picture de top of de hotel. if i ever go back there, chances are its for de ambience and great service.

our drinks

after taihei, we went for a drink at vertigo. its a nice drinking hole where you can sit and relax and enjoy de view. or see a poor german dude who got sabotage by his aussie friend. this aussie dude insists that his friend take picture of me and K using K’s slr (btw all de pics turned out blurred). yes de people we meet.

the banyan tree
21/100 south sathon road
sathon, bangkok
tel: +66 2 6791200

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