de oink cafe guide to … bangkok! eat, drink and be merry

to my own surprise, two weeks into de new year, i made a trip to bangkok with my friend K. it was sorta of a last minute trip. we both need a quick getaway – somewhere near, fuss-free and easy to walk around. de first thing in my mind – BANGKOK – de land of good food and great shopping (and wonderful design too!).

both of us were starving after we check-in at de changi airport. as terminal 1 was under renovation, we were unsure if popeyes was still around. we were led by de wonderful smell of fried and found that popeyes was indeed still around and doing well :) K got herself a 2-piece chicken meal while i got a maxi meal which comprises a piece of chicken, fried fish and 2 sides.

my maxi meal - chicken, fish and sides!

de fish is surprisingly good. lightly battered and not fishy. however i was rather upset w the coleslaw. it has gone bad. last time i had it, it was pretty good. i always like to combine chicken, chilli and coleslaw (3C) and eat them together. but not this time.

after lunch, we boarded our flight. and two hours later, we landed in bangkok!

as we arrived pretty late and i had to work a couple of hours before we can go out, we made our way to emporium which is near de hotel and also near our planned dinner place.

ice cream chou

we found ourselves at emporium food hall. i just love bangkok food hall. its huge, bright and de variety. and also de packaging of de food! however because its huge, we kinda had a bit of problem finding what to eat. we somehow wonder and got a green tea chou each – its basically puff filled w green tea. its alright. but love de packaging.


we got ourselves some takeaways as late night snack. we were drawn to waydhanar which basically sell tons of thai dessert. and also lots of custard! its an upmarket snack shop. and yes i am shallow. de only reason why i patronised de place is because of de packaging. yes …

they made snacks look so goood

after 3 hours of shopping, we got ourselves a cab and went to this seafood place, sornthong, recommended by K’s friend. from a glance, they dun seem to do a lot of local business. mostly tourist it seems. there is a queue when we were there and we were also out of luck to try de famous grilled squid.

sornthong restaurant ... look for mr chai!

crab fried rice

K’s friend loves de (crab) fried rice. it was ok. dun exactly rock my world. lack of “wok” taste.

this orh luak ROCKS!

de hotplate orh luak is gooood. de oyster is v fresh and huge. i can eat this all by myself

de rubbery grilled squid

since we cun have grilled squid, we ordered something similar and apparently w some secret sauce. de taste reminded me of ken squid – de chewing gum of de oriental. its v rubbery. not exactly my favorite for de night.

favorite dish of de night - mantis prawn

its my first time eating mantis prawn. IT ROCKS!! its v v good. i am not a big fan of prawn but i love this one. its smoky, and juicy and de fried garlic just add so much flavor to it. i got de honor to suck out de rest of de meat from de tail. its good. its buttery good. its so good that we ordered a second one.

regret of de night - chicken w chilli and basil

de last dish that we ordered and totally regretted is de chicken w chilli and basil. it was way too hot for us and to be honest its just oyster sauce with chilli and basil

happy birthday K!

after dinner we trottered our way back to our hotel and celebrated K’s birthday. a slice of cake bought at emporium hall. it was loaded w cream just what de birthday girl wanted. 

found nationwide. de one we tried is at changi airport terminal 1 foodcourt, 2nd level (above departure hall)
emporium food hall
5th floor
24 sukhumvit, bangkok
(if you travel via BTS, stop at phrom phong)
sornthong restaurant
2829-21 rama 4 road
klongton, bangkok
(no reservations required or taken)

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