de oink cafe guide to … bangkok! and its supposedly to be hot

saturday was a day where most tourists will set aside for chatuchak aka jj market. due to de gazillion stalls here, you will end up spending de entire there. that is if the sun doesnt kill you.

thai iced tea and iced coffee

we started de day pretty hot but somehow when we reach CTC, it was actually not that hot. we DID NOT sweat. we did de usual shopping. bought lotsa clothes, some household stuff. due to de surprising nice weather, we hardly stop for a drink. even when i pass by one of my favorite drinking holes, i was NOT tempted to stop. i do not know its name. all i know its near de furniture section. de place is loaded w animal print seats. and de moment you sit down, de guy will give u a cold cold wet tissue to cool you down. de drinks are pretty decent. but its de decor of de place that i like

some fried chicken place

after awhile, we got hungry and we stop for a quick bite. we chanced upon this place that looks pretty decent and of course there is a queue for a table. we saw people eating fried and it got us salivated.

fried chicken!

we ordered both fried chicken drumsticks and chicken wings. de batter is v flavorful and de meat is somewhat juicy. they are yum-o

de spicy and sour pork rib soup

de pork rib was requested by K. ended up i loving it de most. de soup was slightly spicy and sourish. it is just delicious.

de spread

i ordered a papaya salad which i love (thank you lime!). and we also have rice noodles and sticky rice as side. dun ever order de sticky rice. it sucks. NO TASTE. de rice noodle is great w de soup.

de dude who made our thai iced tea

after lunch, we walk abit more and we were drawn to this dude “pulling” de infamous thai iced tea. of course, it helps when dude placed gazillion can of carnation milk at his stall (carnation milk is one of K favorite). de truth is his thai iced tea is abit milky for me. not my favorite version. but its good fun to see him make de tea.

chatuchak market is open on saturday and sunday only.
via train, stop at mo chit

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