de cause of my (possible) heart attack

waking up at 530am for my morning yoga class is NOT easy. however i always look forward to what happened after the class – BREAKFAST!

i recently discovered this lovely charming little bakery – mirabelle patisserie – along mackenzie road (which is just opp my yoga school). before you step into de bakery, de smell of freshly baked goods just travel along de street. despite its puny size, it is packed full of wonderful loots.

i have yet to try all de breads they produced BUT i have my favourite already – de croissant!!!! their croissant rocks!!! i hate it when croissants are all hard and taste like cheap butter. mirabelle’s croissant is light, fluffy and flaky. de buttery taste is just nice without making you feel sick (and sinful). ohhh i heard wonderful things about their ham and cheese croissant too (i dont eat ham). 

but today beside my usual croissant,  i decided to buy an additional piece for brekkie – de almond croissant. this baby is definitely more an afternoon tea kinda pastry (rather than breakfast). slightly heavier and sweeter. de almond flavor is subtle yet aromatic. with a cup of tea, de afternoon will be a bliss.

beside french pastry, mirabelle also packed some local flavors in their breads – chilli crab, sambal chicken, char siew chicken (great for non-pork eaters like me; ohhh my colleague loves this one). and de most wonderful thing now – they have bamboo charcoal bread!!! i love bamboo charcoal bread. and they filled it with custard which is nice and creamy and not too sweet.

i can go on and on and on about mirabelle … hey I LOVE BREADS! go try their bread … and support indie bakery!

mirabelle patisserie
27 mackenzie road
+65 6238 6235
mon-sat, 745am – 745pm

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