tiny fish = yummy snack

on friday, after shopping for scoot birthday, i head over to isetan scott to get myself some dinner. as i was about to enter de supermarket, a lady behind a taiyaki counter was smiling at me. note to self: get some taiyaki before i leave!

after my food shopping, i head over to the taiyaki counter. unfortunately most of de taiyaki are sold out. only de miniature were left. so i bagged myself 15 of them (its selling at $8 for 15) – 5 custard cream, 5 caramel and 5 chocolate. as de stall was about to close, de nice japanese dude gave me extra 5 more! scored!

i did not bear much high hope or expectation for such over de counter snack. they most probably been around for hours. cold. hard. chewy. i just wanted something to munch while i wait for my cab. I WAS WRONG. yes it was cold. BUT its was soft and yummy. it tasted like sponge cake. and de filling … so so generous. i enjoyed de custard cream de most. chocolate was good. caramel was not bad. but i am never a big fan of caramel so i could be biased. ha.

its not exactly a v cheap snack. however i feel its worth every penny. its definitely a quality snack. its freshly made too. de only problem was i am unsure if de counter is a permanent feature at isetan. all i know is if i ever pass by isetan scott, i will definitely go grab more of these yummy tiny fish.


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