this is NOT a product endorsement

recently pokka came out with two brand new flavor of green tea – ume and genmai.

i started trying de genmai flavor green tea. de first taste. it has a mild brown rice flavor. it makes a nice after dinner drink. however i do wish that de genmai is stronger and de drink less sweet. perhaps a non-sugar version? ohhh but but de genmai green tea does go v well w choya! as long as i have a bottle of genmai green tea at home, i will make sure it will be dosed w choya!

of course if you like de taste of choya yet wanna san de alcohol (ehhhh … oh never mind), you can opt for de ume flavor green tea. i love ume. but not this version. it just tastes fake. since its fake-ish, de ume tasted abit tarty and sent shiver to my spine. its not smooth, and sweet which it should be. thank god when i try it, i bought de small 500ml version. unless you love ume and allergic to alcohol, please go w de real thing.


pokka genmai and ume green tea can be found in all supermarkets, petrol stations and tiny provision shops. oh yah, 7-11 and cheers too :)

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