this is de moment when i say i can die now

if you live in singapore and read de sunday times, you will know that at the end of the newspaper, there is column where they asked famous foodies/ chef/ restaurant owners, what will be their last meal? for me, beside my grandma’s teochew muay and bittergourd, de next best thing is junk food + fried food.

a couple of weeks back, i went to watch (500) days of summer (which btw is a damn good movie. zoey and joseph rock!). de thing you need to know about me is that i am a cheapskate when it comes to movie. i do not understand why do we need pay $10 to watch a movie and spend almost de same amount on snacks while we can get all that at home at a fraction of de cost and do whatever we want (aka munching v loudly and pause de movie and go to de bathroom). thus on this rare occasion where i decided to splurge on a movie, i decided to buy myself popcorn and my all time fav drink – FANTA GRAPE. i will not exactly said cinemas buttered popcorn is to die for, rather its de memories we associated with popcorn. we need popcorn to complete de whole cinematic watching experience. without popcorn (and soda) it just feel incomplete. something is missing.

after de movie, i continued my “dying” path by going to the chipshop at basement of the cathay. abh raves about de place. i tried a few pieces of calamari before. i found it damn salty. but sucker me decided to give a shot again. but i lucked out. the calamari was not ready. so i settled for chicken and chips (spicy).

this msg-loaded snack (thanks to de spicy powder) is pretty good. de chicken was crispy and tender. de chips was not soggy. to wash all these down, i also got de iced milk tea which is v sweet. but v suitable at this moment. it just complement de greasy fried. despite being a sunday afternoon, de basement was pretty quiet thus i got a chance to read while eating de fried.

so at that moment, if anything happens to me, all i can say is i was v v HAPPY :)


the chip shop
basement 1 of the cathay

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