almost a trek to de woods

after organising one of de biggest tradeshows of de year and one friggin off-site conference, i was given a day off. i wanted to have a long relaxing lunch filled w endless chats and nonsense.

i asked my friend, l, to meet me at spruce. it supposedly to be newest “in” cafe – great food, good location (not at de crowded jam-packed dempsey). of course, all these read – its up there in de woods.ok almost. hey i have to walk up de slopes!

first impression. i heart de furniture. retro. vintage-looking. we chose (or rather i chose) de outdoor seat for de fear of food smell on my clothes. despite that it was a warm humid day, they got ceiling fans. i like ceiling fans.

i ordered de spruce burger (sans de bacon) while l ordered de fish and chips. we also ordered de sweet onion crepes to share and lemonade (moi) and iced chai (l). we were v amused by de beverage lovingly called arnott palmer. in de states, its commonly known as citrus tea aka ice lemon tea. however at this part of de world, we can only think of uncles wearing de colorful umbrella logo polo tee.

de crepes were pretty yummy. its an appetizer to to be eaten warm (think cream and onion). my burger was superb. better than i expected. its was simple – no fancy sauce, salsa, dressing. jus good old beef patty w lettuce and tomatoes. ohhh i absolutely love de fries. something that i can eat and eat and eat.

l’s fish and chips was pretty decent. de fish was fresh. de batter was alright. instead of de usual tartar sauce, it was served w something that tasted like hollandaise sauce or aioli w bits of eggs inside. ohhh de drinks were pretty good too.

however what disappoint me was de dessert. for a place that also positioned as a bakery, de dessert selection is rather limited. we ended up w a carrot cake which tasted abit too baking soda-ish for me. de saving grace was de cup of latte that i ordered.

de thing about restaurant these days, we no longer go there for de food – we go for de ambience. a nice quiet place where friends, lovers and family can gather, and catch-up. spruce is this kind of place. i will not exactly trek to de woods to just eat de food, or satisfied any cravings; i will trek to de woods for a nice get together. hmmm anyone up for brunch??

spruce restaurant bar bakery
320 tanglin road, phoenix park
+65 6836 5528
1030am – 1030pm

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