queen of cookies

last year, on my 30th birthday, my lovely friends gave me a wonderful book called martha stewart’s cookies (fine. i requested for it ;p)!

martha cookies

de first cookie that i made from this book is de dark chocolate sour cherries cookies. searching for sour cherries almost made me abandon baking de cookie. my favorite phoon huat does not stock sour cherries. and you just cun get it from supermarket. so i thought of substituting it with cranberry.

as i stepped out of de supermarket, i found sour cherries! they are available at preserve stall. and they are not cheap. still i got a bunch of them for my cookies.

thank god i did not use de cranberry at all. sour cherries are abit sweet and sour while cranberry is more tarty. de latter tartiness is just too overwhelming for de recipe. ohhh by de way, never ever choose de hottest day to make this cookies. you will spend half de time worrying about de chocolate bits melting in de batter.

de cookies are a big hit among friends. i love it too. de sour cherries simply compliment de dark chocolate bits, so you will not be sick of eating de cookies. in abh words, it leaves one “orgasmic”.


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