ai wei wei’s teahouse – de drinkable art

while i was in japan, i squeezed in a day to visit de mori art centre. ai wei wei’s according to what was de featured exhibit. ai wei wei is also one of those people behind de bird nest in beijing.

his works are pretty interesting – he used mundane items such as bicycle, school bags to create various installation art pieces. however my favorite has to be “teahouse” – he used pu’er tea to construct – hehehehehe … its really teahouse … literally!

i was drawn toward this piece. of course de moment you step in you can smell de “flat-out” pu’er tea. and  i find de teahouse v cute! most importantly, its v rare to find art pieces that uses food item. remember how de show, project runway made all de designers go to de supermarket and purchased items to make their frocks? remember how many of them chose to use fresh produce? most of the time, art pieces that featured food are done in de form of photography, painting, still life. its indeed rare to find artist who used everyday food items as material for their works.

cheers to de drinkable art!


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