you mean xiao ming is a girl?!

so what do you do when de friends you wanna meet are not feeling v well? hmmm go for comfort food like congee and noodles (aka sick people food)!

de new orchard ion is bursting w eateries and i remembered imperial treasure opened a congee and noodle place there. de food choices and decor reminded me of crystal jade (afterall it is set up by someone who used to be from there). however one item caught my eye immediately – yellow cream crab congee. this is something i have yet to see in other congee and noodle places. thus when ah gee and qmo came, i immediately conjured them to order this dish.

as ah gee and i were there early, we already made de choices for de night – spinach beancurd w mushroom, chee cheong fan w dough fritter, deep fried silver fish and century egg w ginger. de last dish was what i called a boliao dish BUT i cannot resist century egg!

our congee came first. it looked pretty ordinary and they have separated de crab from de congee. de congee is v yummy, flavorful and sweet. de crab whom i lovingly called xiao ming though is small BUT its pretty meaty. for de price we are paying (S$28 – meant for 2 people), its v good.

de rest of dishes are pretty alright as well. de beancurd was stuffed w spinach and its v smooth. de ccf w dough fritter is decent. however i wish de deep fried silver fish was more crispy and they should have served de traditional yellow ginger instead of de japanese pink ginger w de century eggs. tsk.

my surprise of de day was to find that xiao ming has roe! ( this also means xiao ming is a girl! hehehhe yes i am copying russell from UP) gosh this tiny crab is chokful of stuff.

de service at imperial treasure is great. they helped us w de serving of congee, pouring of tea and so on. its one place that i will go again … hmmm i wonder how is their lamien ;p

imperial treasure noodle and congee house
#B3-17 orchard ion
10am – 10pm

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