panda express – de so-called gourmet chinese food

for years, whenever i travel to  non-chinese places, i avoid eating chinese food (w de exception of perth …hoi’s kitchen!!). i do not have faith in finding delectable chinese food unless de place is flooded w chinese.

all i can say i should have listen to myself when i was in chicago last winter. my friend, l, just got back from chicago and she and her hubby indulged  in panda express, and reckon it was yum.

so there i was at chicago’s union station, waiting for my train, hungry … and of course bloody cold after searching for de train station for an hour – i actually chose to eat at panda express. my choice was a panda bowl which comprised of a small bowl of chow mien and kung pao chicken. may i say it was one of de worst things i ever eaten. its salty and oily. gosh de amount of oil dripping from de noodles. and de chicken – its tasteless. wat kung pao??

yet i reckon if chinese food in foreign land taste like de real chinese food, maybe no one wants to eat it? but i v much doubt so. whatever it is, DO NOT eat at panda express!


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