julie and julia

many years ago, i saw this cherub looking woman appearing on de martha stewart show, telling her mad tales about how she try to recreate all of julia child recipes in 365 days in her tiny NY apartment. at that time i was rather amused by her but didnt thought of reading her book.

now this book is made into a movie. and i wanna watch that movie! however i have pet peeve – if the movie is based on a book, i must read de book before i watch de movie. yes i am that strange.

“my year of cooking dangerously” is highly amusing. i mean seriously who de hell will think of cooking julia child 500plus recipes in 365 days? and french cuisine! not exactly your kind of home cooking. i applaud julie. but i have to say her husband eric is de one i respect de most – encouraging julie to pursue her “crazy” ideas, went out all de way to get de ingredients she needed and MOST IMPORTANT, help to rear a pet snake, zuzu. yes.

overall its a pretty easy book to read. but i have to say it is a book reserved for those who like cooking.


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