de place where they made you wear a bib

way back in june, my boss j, mentioned that there is a new japanese bbq place, nagomiya, that is near my house. aroozoo ave to be exact. i was like HUH! its been a long long time since i walked along that road. ever since de swimming pool at aroozoo was closed, i do not see the necessity to walk along there (even though its a pretty nice place to stroll around in de evening).

anyway, what happened was some dude decided to convert de swimming centre to several eateries and a prawning farm. yes de swimming pools got converted to prawning pool. duh.

i quite like de food at nagomiya – de japanese bbq place. de food is pretty fresh. everything is pretty well seasoned. items like chicken, seafood are pretty alright. but it de beef that captures my heart. i especially love de special beef rib. it jus melts in your mouth. ohhh i also like de korean hotpot rice and garlic rice there too.

but one thing i dun fancy about de place is de service. it varies. depending on your luck. de first time i was there, they were pretty short-handed. so everythin was slowwwww. de second time i was there, de waitress told us that de set that i usually ordered which also comes w free flow of drinks, i can opt out that option and save myself $20! de set which is for 2, comes w 2 choices of rice or noodles. intially we were not allow to choose one each. NOW we can. hmmmm. v v not consistent.

even though it a pretty pricey place (you are expected to spend about S$40-S$60 each person, depending on which set you ordered and drinks – they got sappora and asashi!), it gets pretty crowded. even on a weekday night. still i will go back as and when … hey its just 5 mins walk from my house ; p

19 aroozoo avenue
+65 6285 0368
lunch: 1130am – 230pm
dinner: 530pm – 1030pm

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