ehhh my latte has no art

been dying to try this not-so-new place in an almost secluded part of orchard. its open by de same people who brought you whitebait and kale. i quite like de food at WK so i was bringing pretty high expectation to oriole.

ohhh and coz i am bringing a birthday girl there to celebrate her big day there too!

we did not order any appetizers as we want to save our tummies for dessert. i ordered de “famous” fish and chips while pc got herself spaghetti prawns. de fish is pretty fresh but de chip is sadness. its soggy! i like soggy fries but NOT soggy wedgy-like chips. de saving grace – de fried garlic. yummy.

pc’s spaghetti prawn is pretty ok. nothing to scream about. overall de mains are pretty ordinary.

and how can a birthday celebration be wout a cake?! de birthday girl chose a chocolate fudge cake. i also opt for a cafe latte. i heard so much about de coffee at oriole. despite that it will cost me $5.50, i will give it a try. and may i say its worth every penny. its smooth and smell oh so great. and its not too rich. de only downside? de barista never did any latte art for me – no heart, no leaf and no tulip : (

oriole is a pretty nice place to hang around w friends. great ambience especially w its location which is not exactly right in de city thus you dun feel all cramped up. i will not say de food is something that i crave for (but i do want to try de beef cheek tagliatelle). BUT i will definitely be back for the coffee. hopefully this time round, i will get a tulip ;p

oriole bar and cafe
96 somerset road #01-01 pan pacific serviced suites
+65 6238 8348 (reservation is encouraged as it can get pretty crowded)
1130am – 1100pm

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