oooh its a beef patty

imy first layered cake thought i should progress my baking skill by starting to make layered cake! since dada birthday is coming up, i decided to make one for her ;p

i used martha stewart hershey chocolate cupcake recipe. i have tried this recipe before and i love de taste of de dark chocolate. and for de frosting, i used magnolia bakery – chocolate buttercream. may i said – de americans really LOVE their frosting sweet. bloody sweet to be exact. de anount of icing sugar to be put into de buttercream is deadly. so please always put de sugar in batches and test test test.

one thing about this cake. no matter how well you oil de pan, it will STICK. and i totally forgot abt it. and yes. tragedy happened. de cake was stuck to de pan. and i was left w a v crumbly cake. which of course i tried to save it w de frosting. ehhhh didnt help much.

in de end i jus hacked it and passed it on to dada. it was received w humor – beef patty and neverending story cave – to be exact. in de end, de cake was eaten and liked by de birthday girl.

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